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3 Fresh Fruit Boozy Popsicles

3 Fresh Fruit Boozy Popsicles from 3Peppers-recipes.comIn the summer in Florida it can get Hot, Hot Hot… There’s nothing better to cool down by the pool with then a boozy popsicle.

Fresh pureed fruit mixed with your favorite alcohol can be frozen, it just needs to be done in the right proportions. Too much booze and they will not freeze… too little, what fun is that?

This go round, I tried 3 different flavors. First was the roasted strawberry sangria popsicles, next, the peach and champagne popsicles with a blackberry tip. Third, pineapple raspberry vodka popsicles, which were my favorite.

I was actually surprised the vodka ones froze, they have a much higher alcohol content then the other 2.

I also did not have popsicle molds or sticks, so I used little dixie cups and plastic spoons. The combination worked great. The spoons were perfect because those last drippy bites stayed on the spoon, which kept them from being as messy as they could have been. Mess doesn’t matter when you’re sitting by the pool, though.

Note for all: Freeze popsicles for an hour or so before putting the spoons in. This will help keep the spoons straight if the liquid is partially frozen.

1. Roasted Strawberry Sangria Popsicles

Roasted strawberry sangria popsicles


  • 32 oz Strawberries
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 2 cups sangria

First, cut up the strawberries into chunks, and then toss then with vinegar and 1/2 cup of sugar. Place them on a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil and roast them in the oven for 20 minutes at 375.

Once the strawberries have roasted and then cool, put them into a food processor, along with the remaining sugar. and pulse until smooth. Add 2 cups of the Sangria of your choice.

I used SupraFruta White Sangria and it was delicious.

2. Pineapple Raspberry Vodka

pineapple raspberry vodka popsicles

  • 1 pineapple
  • 8 oz raspberries
  • 4 oz lemonade
  • 10 oz vodka
  • 1 cup sugar

First, chunk the pineapple and put it in the food processor with 1 cup of sugar. Pulse pineapple until as smooth as you can get it. Then add 8 oz. of the vodka, and continue to blend smooth. Set pineapple mixture aside.

Next blend raspberries, lemonade, and remain 2 oz of vodka until smooth.

In your cups, use 1/2 the pineapple mixture to fill the bottom third of the cup. Place all the partially full cups in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. Once they have frozen just a tiny bit, add the next layer of raspberry mixture, then freeze again for 30-45 minutes before adding the second layer of the pineapple.

3. Peach Blackberry Chanpagne


  • 8 ripe peaches
  • 8 oz blackberries
  • 2 cups champagne
  • 1 cup sugar

First, skin and slice the peaches and put them into the food processor with the sugar and blend them until smooth as possible. Then blend in the 2 cups of champagne.

In a smaller food processor, blend the blackberries until liquid.

Spoon a very small amount of the blackberry into each cup before filling it with the peach mixture.


All of these popsicles were super easy to make. The took a little bit of time because of the waiting to freeze before putting in the spoons or attempting to get layers of different flavors. I was able to share them with friends and they were all a big hit, but especially the pineapple ones. I highly recommend those. Enjoy! and happy Boozin’.

3 Fresh Fruit Boozy Popsicles from

roasted starwberry sangria popsicle

pineapple raspberry vodka popsicles

peach blackberry champagne popsicles


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