Double Chocolate Zucchini & Walnut Muffins

My new favorite muffin light, moist and delicious – you’d never know you were eating your fruit and veggies while completely satisfying my chocolate cravings! Ingredients:  1 cup mashed banana 1.5 cups grated zucchini (water pressed out) 1/3 cup applesauce 1 tbsp melted butter 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla 1 cup sugar 1.75 cups AP […]

Adventures in Fabric Dyeing – Purple Onesies

This experiment was a first for me – I have never dyed fabric before. Except for the occasional tie-dye at summer camp. So, this is all new to me. I read about it from other people online, I read the package directions, I had a general idea what to do. It really wasn’t as difficult […]

I’m Back! to blogging that is…

Hey All. So I’m feeling completely guilty because I have been such a bad blogger this year. I left the blog unattended for over 6 months. AHHH! I have had my reasons though. Back in December 2014 I wrote a post about my resolutions for the new year. I wanted to grow, I have succeeded […]

DIY Backyard Compost “Station”

For any stellar garden, you need to produce some compost. Compost is like top soil. It is decayed, organic materiel to be used as fertilizer. It’s an amazing supplement to potting soil which for most gardeners is a huge cost for growing their own food. There are a lot of different ways to get your […]

Custom Blog Design

Yay! I’m so excited to share with you my latest custom blog design for my friend Anne Marie Mitchell. Anne Marie started her blog off as a beauty blogger back in college. As you grow and change, sometimes your blog needs to grow and change as well. This was the case for Anne Marie. Her […]

Flower Top Felt Boxes

Adorable, easy to make felt gift boxes, perfect for Valentine’s day, or any other sweet occasion. I had some left over felt from a project and inspired to make a couple of cute gift boxes for Valentine’s day coming up. They would be perfect to fit jewelry, candy or little trinkets. What you’ll need for […]

In the Garden – Spring 2015

I’m so excited – I just got my seeds in the mail from (contains affiliate links) This was my first time ordering seeds online. In the past I have bought packets from the store. I was able to put more research into what I was buying. The website also allowed me to purchase in […]

Top 10 Recipes of 2014

Let’s finish off 2014 with one last top ten list! Part of the fun of any year is looking back on everything you have done – and taking a look at what other people looked at as well. Here are the top 10 recipes for 2014 here on 3Peppers – based on page views. 1. […]

Top 10 Projects of 2014

Wow! 2014 has been a great year, but boy am I ready for 2015! Lets take a look back at the top projects of 2014 on 3Peppers. The top 10 projects were picked by number of page views. 1. Paper Roses Tutorial & Cutter File 2. Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden 3. Backyard Mosaic Firepit 4. […]

New Year Resolutions 2015 – To Grow

Every year, like most people, I like think about a new years resolution (or more likely, resolutions) – what goals can I set in the new year, things I would love to accomplish and ways to better myself. funny fact This will be the first year, in however long I can remember, that my first […]

Painted Canvas Flowers and Burlap Wreath

Painting canvas flowers add a magic touch to classic burlap wreath. I had so much fun making the Painted Canvas Pumpkins, I thought it would be fun to paint the same canvas fabrics to make something else. The colors are perfect for a fall wreath and my Nana could use a wreath for her door, […]