Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

One of my husband’s favorite ice cream flavors is Mint Chocolate Chip, it’s the best with fresh mint. Back in the spring I planted a small mint plant in my garden. By this fall, the plant had quadrupled in size and was thriving. Cutting off 4 cups of fresh mint barely made a dent in […]

DIY Painted Canvas Pumpkins

These DIY canvas pumpkins are a completely no-sew option for a “fabric” pumpkin. I’m jumping on the fabric pumpkin bandwagon here, but I absolutely love the trend. I found the canvas fabric in the Joann’s discount pile. (It is the same tan fabric I used for the braided fabric coasters.) What you’ll need: Canvas Fabric […]

Playing with Peppers Photography

My garden has been overflowing with a late pop of peppers. It stays warm enough in Jacksonville for peppers to keep growing well into the winter months. My 8 pepper plants have been overflowing and I find my self mumbling the tongue twister… Peter piper picked a peck of picked peppers while trying to decide […]

Easy Party Pretzels

Easy Chocolate-dipped Pretzels are one of my favorite party go-to snacks. It was my 30th Birthday last week, and we had a big party at our house. I wanted to have some fun homemade stuff out, but I was running low on time. These chocolate dipped pretzels, rolled in different confections were the perfect solution. […]

Paper Anemone Tutorial + Cutter File

Paper Anemone are an absolutely stunning alternative to the real flower. White anemone with the dark center are really popular for weddings, but hard to get when they are not in season. I was inspired by them for some of my wedding decor but chose to make the paper version instead of springing for the […]

Jalapeno Cheese Cornbread Muffins

Jalapeno Cheese cornbread muffins are an easy side dish to any barbeque. They are easily made ahead of time and keep well for up to a week. I love using Jalapenos in my cornbread to give it that spicy kick with the sweet corn. It’s also a great way to use all the jalapenos growing […]

3D Embroidered Name Wall Art

I love wall art with depth. This piece is something I’m trying out for my office. It will be one of a few different pieces in the cluster, but I haven’t figured out the rest yet. I also wanted to try out a new technique – sewing over a raised bit of hot glue to […]

Maple Pumpkin Nut Muffins

It sure does not feel like fall here in Florida, but I am craving fall foods. These maple pumpkin nut muffins are a delicious first peak into those fall flavors. The muffins are easy to make, “relatively” healthy and full of nutty pumpkin flavor. Ingredients: 2 cups whole wheat flour 1.5 cup ap flour 2 […]

DIY Backyard Mosaic Fire Pit

I really love my house, but my favorite part has to be my backyard. It’s truly my Florida oasis. Before summer kicked into full gear we replaced the old back deck with a new BRIGHT GREEN deck. (Check out my Florida Backyard Reveal to see how it turned out.) It was a good start to […]

3 Fresh Fruit Boozy Popsicles

In the summer in Florida it can get Hot, Hot Hot… There’s nothing better to cool down by the pool with then a boozy popsicle. Fresh pureed fruit mixed with your favorite alcohol can be frozen, it just needs to be done in the right proportions. Too much booze and they will not freeze… too […]

Big Announcements! Summer of 2014

Hey! I know it’s been pretty quiet around 3Peppers lately, I’m sorry! But I promise there’s some pretty cool reasons. First: I’d like to announce my friend and fellow food, craft and DIY enthusiast, Kristy S. is joining 3Peppers as a regular contribute! I’m so excited to have (another) Kristy on the team! You can […]