Adventures in Fabric Dyeing – Purple Onesies

This experiment was a first for me – I have never dyed fabric before. Except for the occasional tie-dye at summer camp. So, this is all new to me. I read about it from other people online, I read the package directions, I had a general idea what to do. It really wasn’t as difficult […]

Flower Top Felt Boxes

Adorable, easy to make felt gift boxes, perfect for Valentine’s day, or any other sweet occasion. I had some left over felt from a project and inspired to make a couple of cute gift boxes for Valentine’s day coming up. They would be perfect to fit jewelry, candy or little trinkets. What you’ll need for […]

Painted Canvas Flowers and Burlap Wreath

Painting canvas flowers add a magic touch to classic burlap wreath. I had so much fun making the Painted Canvas Pumpkins, I thought it would be fun to paint the same canvas fabrics to make something else. The colors are perfect for a fall wreath and my Nana could use a wreath for her door, […]

DIY Painted Canvas Pumpkins

These DIY canvas pumpkins are a completely no-sew option for a “fabric” pumpkin. I’m jumping on the fabric pumpkin bandwagon here, but I absolutely love the trend. I found the canvas fabric in the Joann’s discount pile. (It is the same tan fabric I used for the braided fabric coasters.) What you’ll need: Canvas Fabric […]

Old T Shirt Pom-Poms

Old T Shirt Pom-Poms are a great way to use the extra parts of old shirts when making crafts from them. I have been making a TON of Old T Shirt Yarn lately, and it’s easiest to make using the bottom 1/2 of a t shirt. I was looking around my craft room and I […]

Braided Fabric Coasters

These fabric coasters are a simple braided design, inspired by fabric I found in Joann’s fabric remnants bin. Every time I visit that store, first stop – the remnants bin. 75% off already discounted fabric! COUNT ME IN. So, at this last visit to Joann’s I found a wonderful canvas like fabric and a green […]

DIY Kracken Summer Beach Bag

It is definitely summer time here in Florida. We had a few days last week of hot and humid 90 degree weather. I love Florida, but this is the time of year where I extra-love having a pool in Florida! Most days I think it beats a 20 minute haul out to the beach. Even […]

Old T Shirt Table Top Tote

This table top tote should be known as the 3 tee tote… It is made from 3 old t-shirts. I LOVE re-purposing old tee shirts, if you read this blog, you’ll see it’s becoming a common theme. For this Project you will need 3 shirts that you can make t-shirt yarn from (they can’t have […]

OBP Inspired Old T Shirt Art and Frames

Orange Blossom Pilsner, a Florida Beer, was the inspiration for this Old T Shirt wall art. My fiance had a really cool old t shirt from OBP. It was stretched out and too worn to wear, so I used it as the base and inspiration for some new wall art! Luckily I had a few […]

Old T Shirt Sunflowers

Another fabric flower made from an old t shirt! These sunflowers are great because the more petals you add the bigger they get, and they have a good bit of weight and depth to them, they are amazing to the touch. It was lucky I have a few yellow and black old t shirts to […]

Old T Shirt Rosettes

Old t shirt rosettes are a basic fabric flower made from an your favorite worn out old t shirt. The rosettes are a very useful fabric flower to know how to make, you’ll see that they are a base for a lot of my designs and I’ll be referencing back to this post a lot. […]