Old T Shirt Rosebud Bracelet

Here’s a tutorial for a sweet little old t shirt rosebud bracelet that reminds me of a handmade corsage. I LOVE to work with old t shirt material (if you’ve been following along my blog, I’m sure you know that by now ) So when I found this old yellow t shirt in the garage, […]

Old T Shirt Flowers

Old T Shirt Flowers are a cute and easy way to use the extra bits fabric, when re-purposing old t shirts. I adore old t shirt material. It’s just so soft and comfortable. It’s also really fun to work with (and always easy to find) To make these flowers you only need a few things: […]

Mod Podge Pen Container

This is my first Mod Podge post (I’m really late to the bandwagon) … It was fun, and has a great effect, but I’ll have to say it’s not my favorite thing to work with. I used parts of the vintage scarves to make these gorgeous pen containers for my desk. I love surrounding myself […]

How To Make T Shirt Yarn

Make T Shirt Yarn, it’s a sturdy and forgiving yarn for knitting, crocheting and weaving projects. T shirt yarn is one of my favorite things to work with. It not only feels great to the touch, it feels great to reuse I’m currently on a mission to rid all the men in my life of […]

Old T Shirt Throw Pillows – No Sew

There’s is nothing more comfortable then an Old T Shirt. So when you no longer wear them, why not turn them into comfy throw pillows! Dave and I are avid concert goers, so with concerts comes concert t shirts. Some are great and we wear them all the time, but some just don’t fit right, […]