DIY Painted Canvas Pumpkins

These DIY canvas pumpkins are a completely no-sew option for a “fabric” pumpkin. I’m jumping on the fabric pumpkin bandwagon here, but I absolutely love the trend. I found the canvas fabric in the Joann’s discount pile. (It is the same tan fabric I used for the braided fabric coasters.) What you’ll need: Canvas Fabric […]

Bugging Out Valentine’s Day Printables

Here’s a series of cute “bug” printables I made for Valentine’s Day. Each .zip files comes with a files for a 8.5×11 printable, 3×4.5 card fronts and gift tags. After printing I backed the designs with tan paper for both the card as well as the framed print. Paired with white flowers, they because such […]

DIY Showoff – Rhinestone Christmas Star Ornaments

These Beautiful Gold and Rhinestone Christmas Star Ornaments are the “theme” to my holiday season this year. Not only are these ornaments on our tree, but we are also giving them as gifts, and they made a beautiful background to our Christmas cards this year. These were very simple to make, but you need to […]

Christmas Tree Gift Boxes

These adorable and festive Christmas tree gift boxes are perfect for candy or a small treat. To make this gift box, you’ll need: Paper (8.5×11 or 12×12) Rubber Cement Rhinestones Marker Toilet paper roll Hot glue gun Christmas Tree Boxes Cutter File and Printer File You’ll also need the freebie files. Included in the .zip […]