Lemon and Blueberry Inspired Fashion

This is a collection of clothes inspired by Lemons and Blueberries. Read the post about: Color Inspiration: Lemons and Blueberries. 1. Misses Caribbean Joe Ruffle Neck Burnout Top Sweet Floral top in yellow and blue, perfect for the summer. 2. Kate Rose Pedal Shoulder Bag/ Handbag/ Satchel Bag, Blue I just adore how organic this […]

Florals and Lace Spring Wardrobe Wants 2013

These wardrobe wants were inspired by vintage scarves I found. I love lace and floral patterns for the spring, and I thought the burgundy color was a nice twist before summer. 1.Roxy Floral Splash Dress Cute little dark floral slip dress. 2. Letarte Womens Crochet Short I’m dying for a pair of crochet shorts! 3. […]

Music Festival Season Wardrobe Wants 2013

I LOVE MUSIC FESTIVALS! Every year Dave and I go to at least 2 music festival. Last couple years, we have gone to Bear Creek Music Festival and Wanee Music Festival… It’s getting to be that time again where I’m craving live music and camping, it’s been since November! This year, I HOPE we do […]

Beach Time Spring Wardrobe Wants 2013

So, we are going through some major changes here! Moving from our cozy condo, to my grandparents house by the beach. (read more about our move) We have to do this really quickly, and it’s a little bit of a stressful situation, but I’m trying to stay really positive. I need a little motivation, a […]