OBP Inspired Old T Shirt Art and Frames

Orange Blossom Pilsner, a Florida Beer, was the inspiration for this Old T Shirt wall art. My fiance had a really cool old t shirt from OBP. It was stretched out and too worn to wear, so I used it as the base and inspiration for some new wall art! Luckily I had a few […]

CD Insert Tile Coasters

CD insert tile coasters are a great use for those old CD inserts, that are such cool art! I love mp3s, but I really do miss all the art that used to be intertwined with the music. We collect records, and record art is awesome, but I do miss the CD inserts, with multiple pages, […]

Garden Entrance Art and Distressed Frame Tutorial

Here’s A distressed frame tutorial, creating a distressed look with a pop of color underneath. The Flea Market is such a great place. I picked up 8 great little frames for 5 dollars! So, of course a fun project is in order!  I used4 of the frames and mixed them together with a wooden, painted […]

Modern Floral Chair Makeover with Stencil

Makeover an old, beat-up chair into a gorgeous modern piece of home decor. (stencils provided) I recently moved, and with the move inherited a lot of old furniture. This Windsor style chair belong to my mother in college (it had an emblem lightly marked for her school) My grandparents kept the chair and used it […]

Old T Shirt Throw Pillows – No Sew

There’s is nothing more comfortable then an Old T Shirt. So when you no longer wear them, why not turn them into comfy throw pillows! Dave and I are avid concert goers, so with concerts comes concert t shirts. Some are great and we wear them all the time, but some just don’t fit right, […]

Rubber Ducky Prints for the Bathroom

Rubber duckies make me happy. The “Squeaker-Box” series is an illustration project of mine. Illustrating rubber duckies as personality stereotypes and drawing them all “squeaking” with hand drawn typography and intricate background patterns. The drawings are then computer altered and colored. Printed on stark white paper and mounted in black, the vibrant colors of each […]