Backyard Garden – The beginnings

Since I was a little girl I have had this romantic image in my head of having this great garden that was my secret place. I think the dream stems from reading books like Mandy as a girl coupled with a Mother and Grandmother who are both gifted with green thumbs. I just love to […]

Old T Shirt Shag Rug

A beautiful and durable rug made from old t shirts and a grip rug liner. WARNING: This project requires a LOT of patience and a LOT of old t shirts. By no means is this rug difficult to make. It’s really very simple, you just tie a bunch of knots. But there are a ton […]

Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

This beautiful hanging garden is our solution to for an indoor herb garden. I love our house and we get GREAT sunlight in the windows, but there is no counter space reasonable for an herb garden, where they would get enough sun. Also, who wants to give up counter space? To create the hanging garden: […]

Hand Stencilled Kitchen Walls and Kitchen Sneak Peak

Hand stencilling walls is a great alternative to wall paper or a flat color. When we bought our house a few months ago, I knew one of my first major projects would be our kitchen. It’s not that it was awful when we moved in, just generic, unfinished and all-in-all kinda blah. I was also […]

Over the Mantel Chalkboard and Living Room Sneak Peak

In designing our living room I wanted a HUGE statement piece above the mantel. I kept looking though fine art pieces. I also considered a large mirror, a big wood sign, or even a window frame. The fireplace is a very big focal point of the whole house, and it deserved something great above it, […]

Holiday Mantel and Holiday Decor 2013

This is our first Christmas in the new house. So I had to post to show the little bit of holiday decorating I got to do. This year is an unusual year. First, we are in a new house, and not even fully unpacked yet. We are missing some furniture still, and or “normal” decor […]

DIY Showoff – Flea Market Bread Box Up-Cycle

So before the move, I found this old, fake wood breadbox at the flea market for $5. Pretty solid box, but it had a gross sticker on he front, peeling off, and some nasty glue residue. There were also spots where the veneer was scratched or rubbing away. In general, it look kind of dirty […]

A Burst of Grey – How To Paint Rays on a Wall

I am a creative professional working from home, and I spend a LOT of time in my office so I designed this wall to really POP! For the past few years freelance, but also renting, I have been dreaming of the day when I could create my ULTIMATE creative space. That home office where the […]

The Naked House

A Tour of Our “Naked” Home We recently purchased our first house together. It’s such an exciting adventure. I’m even more excited to be able to share with everyone the progress we are making and the personal touches we are putting on “our first place”. Here is a tour of the home, as we got […]

Welcome to The Pineapple House

** Exciting News!!!** We bought a new house! It’s official, we bought a new house! We closed and are now ready to put our touch on it before moving in within a month. This is my first house of my own, that I picked out, and that I dream of… I really couldn’t be more […]

DIY Showoff – Wonderland Inspired Succulent Planter

The wonderland inspired succulent planter was inspired by my personal illustrations, and was such a fun project to work on! To make this planter I first painted the pots in bright colors that pop with a very vibrant modern pattern. Two of the smaller planters were painted to look like the polka dot mushrooms, while […]