I’m Back! to blogging that is…

Hey All. So I’m feeling completely guilty because I have been such a bad blogger this year. I left the blog unattended for over 6 months. AHHH! I have had my reasons though. Back in December 2014 I wrote a post about my resolutions for the new year. I wanted to grow, I have succeeded […]

New Year Resolutions 2015 – To Grow

Every year, like most people, I like think about a new years resolution (or more likely, resolutions) – what goals can I set in the new year, things I would love to accomplish and ways to better myself. funny fact This will be the first year, in however long I can remember, that my first […]

Playing with Peppers Photography

My garden has been overflowing with a late pop of peppers. It stays warm enough in Jacksonville for peppers to keep growing well into the winter months. My 8 pepper plants have been overflowing and I find my self mumbling the tongue twister… Peter piper picked a peck of picked peppers while trying to decide […]

Big Announcements! Summer of 2014

Hey! I know it’s been pretty quiet around 3Peppers lately, I’m sorry! But I promise there’s some pretty cool reasons. First: I’d like to announce my friend and fellow food, craft and DIY enthusiast, Kristy S. is joining 3Peppers as a regular contribute! I’m so excited to have (another) Kristy on the team! You can […]

Color Inspiration – Teal Floral Fabric & Free Blog Bling

Color Inspiration – Vibrant Spring Teal Floral Fabric I was going through the fat quarters at a local store, and came across this fabric, and fell in love. The vibrancy and pattern just made me swoon, and I had to create something with it, but first… Turn it into some digital elements that can be […]

Time Management – My Biggest Struggle

So, This is a little bit of a rant and a little bit of an apology to my readers. Over the past month, It’s been crazy. New business coming in, lots of travel, and still trying to deal with getting the house into shape, and selling off a bunch of stuff, I feel like I […]

PLEASE VOTE Bear Creek Poster Contest

UPDATE!!! I made it to the second round, PLEASE VOTE AGAIN! (ends 5/22/13 @ midnight) Click here to vote – takes you to the Facebook Picture (to Vote, LIKE the poster on FB) I’m calling all my fellow blogging buddies to please help and vote for me in the Bear Creek Poster Contest! I love […]

Color Inspiration – Lemons and Blueberries

Closest Color Codes for the Color Junkies #FAE22E Pantone 107C #9ABFBE Pantone 5503C #FABD2F Pantone 123C #506279 Pantone 7545C #BE713D Pantone 723C #464656 Pantone 7546C Lemons and Blueberries are refreshing summer fruits with colors to match! Here in Florida as the temperatures are rising, I find myself craving refreshing fruits such as lemons and blueberries. […]

Color Inspiration – Vintage Scarves

Closest Color Codes for the Color Junkies #80AFC0 Pantone 550C #905A70 Pantone 5135C #63866D Pantone 5625C #461D2E Pantone 5115C #FDD76F Pantone 120C #D42A39 Pantone 186C Recently I came across a TON of my grandmother’s vintage scarves, tons of them, in an incredible range of colors, patterns and fabrics. Oh the inspiration! There must have been […]

Life of A Freelancer – Some Days are Great

I work as a Freelance Designer. I design everything from e-commerce websites to social media banners and direct mail to newspaper ads. You can even throw in drawing an occasional storyboard for good measure. You name it in digital design, I’m your girl! Working from home, sometimes in your pajamas, completely controlling your own schedule […]

Moving – The Everlasting Project

I feel so guilty for not blogging this past week! Almost 2 weeks ago the process of moving from our townhouse to a much larger house at the beach. We rented a 15ft truck, had 4 friends helping Dave and I, and we still need to make at least one more trip and HOPEFULLY use […]