Playing with Peppers Photography

My garden has been overflowing with a late pop of peppers. It stays warm enough in Jacksonville for peppers to keep growing well into the winter months. My 8 pepper plants have been overflowing and I find my self mumbling the tongue twister… Peter piper picked a peck of picked peppers while trying to decide […]

Color Inspiration – Teal Floral Fabric & Free Blog Bling

Color Inspiration – Vibrant Spring Teal Floral Fabric I was going through the fat quarters at a local store, and came across this fabric, and fell in love. The vibrancy and pattern just made me swoon, and I had to create something with it, but first… Turn it into some digital elements that can be […]

Color Inspiration – Lemons and Blueberries

Closest Color Codes for the Color Junkies #FAE22E Pantone 107C #9ABFBE Pantone 5503C #FABD2F Pantone 123C #506279 Pantone 7545C #BE713D Pantone 723C #464656 Pantone 7546C Lemons and Blueberries are refreshing summer fruits with colors to match! Here in Florida as the temperatures are rising, I find myself craving refreshing fruits such as lemons and blueberries. […]

Color Inspiration – Vintage Scarves

Closest Color Codes for the Color Junkies #80AFC0 Pantone 550C #905A70 Pantone 5135C #63866D Pantone 5625C #461D2E Pantone 5115C #FDD76F Pantone 120C #D42A39 Pantone 186C Recently I came across a TON of my grandmother’s vintage scarves, tons of them, in an incredible range of colors, patterns and fabrics. Oh the inspiration! There must have been […]