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DIY Backyard Mosaic Fire Pit

DIY backyard mosaic fire pitI really love my house, but my favorite part has to be my backyard. It’s truly my Florida oasis.

Before summer kicked into full gear we replaced the old back deck with a new BRIGHT GREEN deck. (Check out my Florida Backyard Reveal to see how it turned out.) It was a good start to the backyard makeover, but the next step was adding a fire element. We have been talking about this firepit for a while, by mid-summer we decided that we just had to build it. We probably should have waited until the weather cooled down a little bit, but we were just very excited! It was ridiculously hot during the days when we were building it, and it’s been REALLY hot at night too, so we have only used it twice… But I’m on a mission, as soon as it’s not too hot to sit by a fire, I want to be lighting stuff on fire every weekend!

To build the firepit we bought all the supplies (except the mosaic tiles) from Lowes. The concrete pavers and retention blocks were really easy to work with.

First we dug out the grass and leveled the ground to lay down the bottom level of pavers in a square.

Then we placed the concrete retention pieces in a circle centered on the pavers. Once the retention pieces were in place, we used outdoor grout to hold them in place. Once the grout dried, there was no moving it, the firepit was solidly in place.

The next step was the most fun. I waited a week, then came back and added mosaic tiles to the top.

Let me back up a second, and explain where these tiles came from.

We have a little hut on the side of our house that we call Pineapple Express (since we call our house The Pineapple House). Pineapple express is a little run-down and the floor isn’t the best. When we went to look under the hut to find out why the floor was raised up and uneven, we found a bunch of tile sample books!!! The previous owners must have been interior designers. My excitement level was out of this world. A TON of free, colorful tile to play with!

The white edge of tiles came from the extra tile I had left over from the kitchen backsplash I did when we first moved in.

So to do the mosaic, I took a hammer to my pretty tiles and broke them into a million pieces. Then I used the sticky tile adhesive paper to place the tiles all the way around the firepit before grouting them down. It was not hard at all to do, just very time consuming (and hot… in 90 degree weather).

The end result is better then I could have hoped for and we are super proud of our creation, I just can’t wait until the weather cools down a bit so we can really use it!

backyard mosaic firepit from

backyard mosaic firepit from

backyard mosaic firepit from


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  1. Cheryl Jones says:

    I love this fire pit. I am keeping the information as I printed it all off. I can see how it drains since I do have a water issue at my place. On your website which I am going to subscribe to after I finish this email, but do you keep all your ideas on the web and can they always be accessed? Reason I am asking is I am under construction with my full acre lot so am not ready for some of the great ideas you have posted. Can you tell me how long you keep your ideas on the web?
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you so much for subscribing and your sweet words. This site will be live for a long time, I have no plans of taking it down. Also, all the content will stay archived on this site for as long as it’s live. I work as a web designer by trade and actively blog here, so all this content should be available to you here indefinitely :-)

      XOXO – Kristy

  2. That is amazing!!! We live in a rental house now, but whenever we decide to become homeowners, I know we’ll want a fire pit. I love the mosaic!

  3. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Isn’t it just great when you find fantastic supplies to work with? I would have never thought of adding those tiles to your fireplace. It looks just perfect!

    I’m visiting from the Come Bloom link party. If you’re looking for a new link party, I’d love to have you over at Gingerly Made. The Show & Tell party there runs from Wednesday night – Saturday.

  4. That is killer! I love to mosaic, and have been wanting to do a large pot, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Your fire pit is awesome! I LOVE how you added the mosaic….GORGEOUS!!!

  6. What a beautiful fire pit! I love it!

  7. Well you’ve gone and done it again. I love this fire pit. I want one just like it now! I am featuring it on Worthwhile Wednesdays!

  8. wow, this is amazing. enjoy!


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