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DIY Ombre Tissue Paper Flowers

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(this makes 3 ~7 in flowers
you can purchase everything your need for this project by clicking on the supplies hyperlinks)

4 Sheets Colored Tissue Paper of a similar shade
Floral Wire (Wire 22 Gauge 110 Feet-Green)
Floral wrapping tape (Floral Tape)

I bought a multi-pack of colors (Tissue Value Packs 20 Inch by 26 Inch 100/Package, Assorted) for $8 and was able to create 40 flowers of different sizes within my color scheme. The # of flowers you can make varies on size, and color of flowers you want to use. It’s pretty awesome with the full pack of paper you could make like 60 flowers, and the whole project is under $11. Soooo Great!

First – Picked out the 4 different colors I wanted to use. Then folded each sheet longwise. Stacking each other the folded sheets on top of each other cut into thirds. You will now have 3 stacks of 4 pieces of folded paper about 8.5 inches wide and 10 inches long. Cut sheets so that they are now stacks of 8 8.5×10 sheets of tissue paper (2 of each color).

Second – Using one stack of tissue paper fold it like and accordion with 2 inch folds. Fold the lightest color into the middle. You should make 5 folds.

Third – Fold the accordion piece in the middle to cut out two v’s. This is where you will wrap the wire so as not to tear the paper when fluffing the flower. Then round the edges of the 8.5 in long accordion piece.

Forth – Using a 16 in piece of Floral wire, fold it in 1/2 and twist the wire closed.

Fifth – Gently pull each layer of tissue paper, fluffing out the pom-pom like flower. I find it easiest to get 1/2 way through from the top and then begin again from the bottom and work my way to the middle so as not to tear any of the tissue.

Sixth – tightly wrap wires with floral tape.

Repeat this process with each of the stacks of 4 folded pieces of paper and you’ll have 3 identical ombre tissue paper flowers!

I hope you found this tutorial easy!

To make different shapes of flowers just vary the size of the folds and # of sheets of tissue paper you use in each stack. I do not suggest going below 6 pieces of paper per stack or your flowers will not look full. You can also vary the shape of the flower by cutting the ends of the accordion fold different ways. For example for a daisy looking flower – fold the accordion in 1.5 inch sections and cut the ends to a point. For smaller flowers cut the original sheets of tissue paper into quarters rather than thirds.

Here’s some variations I did for the party, I’ll take and add some more photos when they are in with the rest of the decor!

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  1. Ooh– I’ve made these before but never thought to do an Ombre version! Thanks for the idea!! I popped over from Serenity You–thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)