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DIY Showoff – Pineapple Stenciled Foyer Walls

Pineapple custom stencil painted foyer #diy #custompaint #freestencil #pineapple
Welcome back to The Pineapple House … now with a pineapple stenciled foyer to match!

When we bought our house, our foyer was boring and empty, and it’s stayed that way for months… I finally had enough and needed to make it feel a part of the house, not just the boring part you walk into.

pineapple stencil inspirationcopyWe call our house The Pineapple House (read the story: Welcome to the Pineapple House) and have been been referring to it as such for some time now, especially to our friends and family. In December when we were visiting family up north, we were of course discussing the house, and my Aunt brings out a metal pineapple trivet that belonged to her mother and had just found in a drawer right before our visit. When my Aunt gave me the trivet, she explained how her mom had loved pineapples as well and was thinking about that when she found this in a drawer. It had been years since she had seen the trivet, but it was in a drawer she looked in all the time. We both took this to have a special meaning. It was her mom, sending her best wishes and connecting us all again, even though she is no longer with us. It was such a touching and moving moment, I’ll keep that pineapple forever.

The trivet also inspired the foyer. I took the design from the pineapple trivet and turned it into a stencil to create the pattern. Not only does the pineapple pattern fit the house perfectly, when I walk in I now feel like it’s “my pineapple” and the design and love moves far past just the trivet, but saturates the home :-)

pineapple paint colorsSo now onto the design. The dining room that you walk into from the foyer is painted Banana Cream semi-gloss from Behr, which is a very mellow light yellow color. For the dark green in the foyer I used Groundcover matte finish from Behr. The contrast in the glossy vs. the matte gives it a very natural feeling. For the stencils I used Martha Stewart metallic paints – golden pearl and cast bronze, and a MS metallic textured paint in Pyrite. Those were the 3 main colors of the pineapples. I also threw in a Banana Cream pineapple every once in a while to keep the pattern looking random and tie the colors directly back to the dining room. It was really fun to mix matte, semi-gloss, metallic and textured paints into one design. Not only does it give a great shine effect on the pineapples when light comes in from the window, but also gives great texture and variance up close.

After I painted the foyer green I began the stencil process. I cut out 4 stencils of the pineapple using my silhouette.

pineapple2You can download the stencil files for free from this website. Both a printable .pdf file to cut out as well as a silhouette cutter file are included in the download. Click on the thumbnail for download.

Each stencil I used for a different color pineapple. I used 1 inch brushes for painting the stencils, instead of a roller. Having to change color so much and using specialty paint, I found I had much more control with a small brush.

I originally thought I could knock this project out in a weekend, but it really turned into a full month of painting pineapples. I would definitely do it over again, because I’m in love with the result, but OMG did this take forever…. and a LOT of patience. Our ceilings are really tall and I had to stand on the top of the ladder to be able to get the top row. There were a couple close calls on falls.

The final painting detail was the nook. I’m not really sure why people started adding these things into houses.. or the purpose of the one in our foyer… but I was on a mission to do something cool with it. I painted the inside first with the cast bronze paint and then used the golden pearl with a sponge to create a marbled looking texture on it. It turned out pretty cool… but also sort of a happy accident as well. I used the nook as my background to take the photo of the trivet (seen above) and I think I have found my new blogging background! Not only did the paint add a little flare to the weird nook, but also made it useful! I’m so stoked!

Pineapple custom stencil painted foyer #diy #custompaint #freestencil #pineapple

And here’s a detail shot of how the textured metallic paint added texture up close.

Pineapple custom stencil painted foyer #diy #custompaint #freestencil #pineapple

Pineapple custom stencil painted foyer #diy #custompaint #freestencil #pineapple

Pineapple custom stencil painted foyer #diy #custompaint #freestencil #pineapple

Pineapple custom stencil painted foyer #diy #custompaint #freestencil #pineapple

Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing the foyer again soon when I’ve got all the furniture and decor figured out as well. What’s your must have piece in your foyer? A piece of art? Shelf or table? I’d love to hear about it!

You can see the Full Pineapple Foyer Reveal, here.



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  1. Jennifer Smith says:

    The pineapple foyer looks amazing! I love it! Interesting and unique and truly a representation of who you are. Fantastic post!

  2. I think you need to add interior designer to your resume. You could seriously get paid for this, it looks awesome!!

    • Kristy O says:

      Thanks Stef! Sometimes I wish that was the path I chose, haha, Just love interior design.

  3. Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome says:

    Kristy that’s gorgeous! And you’re giving us a download! Thank you! And thanks so much for linking w/ Twirl and Take a Bow! ox

  4. This is so awesome! I’m loving all those different colors of gold. It creates such a cool effect!

  5. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Love this, what a great design and I love the glitz. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  6. thecapeonthecorner says:

    how fun! enjoy!

  7. So cool!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity on The Inspiration Board at homework. I can’t tell you how happy I am that stopped by to share your creativity!
    You were featured in the spotlight today!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    carolyn ~ homework

  9. Love it! The metallic sparkle is the perfect touch.

  10. Great idea, and love that you did it all different shades! Thanks for sharing on Worthwhile Wednesdays!


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