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I’m Back! to blogging that is…

Hey All.

So I’m feeling completely guilty because I have been such a bad blogger this year. I left the blog unattended for over 6 months. AHHH!

I have had my reasons though. Back in December 2014 I wrote a post about my resolutions for the new year. I wanted to grow, I have succeeded in a couple ways and failed miserably in others. It has not been a full year yet, but I think it’s time to review what has happened. It will help explain my disappearance from the blog a little bit. Here are my 3 goals – and how it’s been going.

1. Professionally I would like to grow my capacity.

Well, I got a new, very large contract about a month after writing that post. A single graphic design client that can take up to 40 to 50 hours a month. On top of that single client, I have kept up with and grown Things are good on the business front, it just took some time to adjust to handling that much work again. The pressure was eased a little by letting the blog take a chill out moment. Now I hope to keep it all going… with 3 Peppers as well.

overgrown-garden2. For my home, my goal is to grow, quite literally.

This goal had to do with my garden. At first I succeeded… then I failed miserably. I had a beautiful vegetable garden until the end of May. Now it looks like an overgrown jungle, and I need to tear it all up and start over again. Florida is so damn hot, keeping up with it was a nightmare. I also had some trouble with the smell, but more about that later.

baby-update3. The third way I’d like to grow in 2015 is to grow our family.

This is the most exciting news and update of them all – I’m pregnant! 20 weeks along with a baby girl. I couldn’t be more excited. Surprisingly this was the easiest of the goals for me to succeed in. I was really worried it was going to take a long time and be a difficult process, but 1 month after starting to try – wham, bam, baby in the belly. The first semester I had some horrible morning sickness, most smells would make me throw up (my garden being one of them) but starting about week 12, I have been feeling much better! Now I’m just excited for my sweet girl to arrive. I’m sure you’ll notice a swing on the blog to feature more baby specific projects :-)

All in all I think this year has been off to a successful start. Now with about 4 more months to go it’s about time I get back to blogging. It’s like “back to school” – “back to blogging”. To kick it off I gave 3 Peppers a face lift. Hope you enjoy what’s to come and thank you for following along.


P.S. Man, have I missed blogging so much!

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