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OBP Inspired Old T Shirt Art and Frames

OBP old tshirt Art and Flowered Frames tutorial from 3Peppers-Recipes.comOrange Blossom Pilsner, a Florida Beer, was the inspiration for this Old T Shirt wall art.

My fiance had a really cool old t shirt from OBP. It was stretched out and too worn to wear, so I used it as the base and inspiration for some new wall art! Luckily I had a few other t shirts in yellow, red and grey which really complimented the OBP shirt. The imagery of bees also had a little extra meaning for me. My Alma Mater is Savannah College of Art and Design, our mascot was the Bee, saying “the bees need the work” made me giggle.

The frames were bought from a flea market for less than a dollar each :-)

I knew initially that the graphic from the shirt was going to be in the big frame, but I started working on the hand stitched bee piece first.

The Embroidery Bee Frame:

For the frame I used the Distressed Frame Tutorial Technique with black paint underneath and white paint on top.

I then trimmed a piece of the Black OBP shirt and used it as the background, embroidering on it the motion lines from the Bee. Using the grey I cut out the pieces to be the wings, and embroidered the marks on them. Remember when you are going to stitch the wings, they are a reflection of themselves, not the same, so the stitching must be on opposite sides. Next I cut out an oval for the body on 4 layers of yellow and black fabric and laid out all the piece of the bee to make sure it worked. Next I stitched on the head over the wings. I chose not to stitch on the wings fully so they laid over parts of the frame. After the head, stitch on the bee’s body going around and cutting the fabric as you go to create your stripes. This helps keep the fabric aligned.

The Bees Need the Work Square Frame:

For this piece I used the grey t shirt as the background color. Then I cut the words out from the OBP t shirt and stitched them on with yellow embroidery thread. I love using the contrasting colors like this to make the stitching pop!

For the frame I used 36 Old T Shirt Rosettes and hot glued them to the frame. The frame underneath was a worn gold color, so it was okay if a little showed through anywhere.


The Large OBP frame:

I used the main graphic for the background of this frame and didn’t add anything else. I then used a collection of my Old T Shirt Flowers, Old T Shirt Rosettes , and Old T Shirt Sunflowers to decorate opposite corners of the frame to add some volume, color and more size. Hot glue was used to attach them.

There are tons of way to make similar projects personal and your own! Good luck crafting with your old t shirts and have fun!

kristy o
OBP Old T Shirt Art and Flowered Frames tutorial from 3Peppers-Recipes.comOBP old tshirt Art and Flowered Frames tutorial from

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