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Paper Anemone Tutorial + Cutter File

Paper anemone tutorial and file download. Make your own black and white paper anemone. #paperflower #anemone #tutorialPaper Anemone are an absolutely stunning alternative to the real flower.

anemone inspirationWhite anemone with the dark center are really popular for weddings, but hard to get when they are not in season. I was inspired by them for some of my wedding decor but chose to make the paper version instead of springing for the real thing. I absolutely loved how they turned out when I used then on the table numbers. They added extra bling with shinny rhinestone center detail. You can’t get that with real flowers… wink wink.

You’ll need:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Something to cut the petals out with (I used a silhouette cutter, the cut files are included in this post)
  • Hot glue
  • Small hole punch (for stemmed flowers only)
  • Floral wire and floral tape for the stem (if putting the flowers on stems)
  • Pencil for curling
  • Rhinestones
Paper Anemone silhouette cutter file

Paper Anemone Cutter File

First, Cut out the petals and centers. For each flower, you’ll want 7 petals and a small black circle, medium white circle, and large black circle.

Next on the base of the petal (the narrowest end) cut 2 slits, about 1/2-3/4 of and inch long. There will now be three flaps on the bottom of the petal.

Put a couple of dots of hot glue on the middle flap and fold the outside flaps onto it. It creates a dip in the bottom of the petal. Continue doing this for all 7 petals of the flower.

Group 3 petals together and 4 petals together. Hot glue the bottoms together to create a full circle. The group of 3 petals will completely overlap on their bases when glued together. The group of 4 petals will have a small space in the middle.

Glue the 3 petal cluster into the 4 petal cluster.

The small odd looking piece is for the base. If you plan on attaching a stem, you’ll want to punch a small hole in the center of this piece and put your floral wire stem through. Bend the end of the stem between the flower and this base piece before gluing them together.

Next is the center. You’ll want to feather the edges of all 3 circles for each flower. Once they are feathered, use a pen to curl them in.

Glue the smallest black center into the medium white center. Then glue those into the larger black center.

I found it easier to add the rhinestones before gluing the center into the flower.

And done! Paper anemone. Now just do that a bunch more times. They might be time consuming, but with a little patience, they are absolutely beautiful! In the photos below, you’ll also see some White Paper Roses – Click here for the tutorial & cutter file.


Paper anemone tutorial and file download. Make your own black and white paper anemone. #paperflower #anemone #tutorial

Paper anemone tutorial and file download. Make your own black and white paper anemone. #paperflower #anemone #tutorial


paper anemone wedding table numbers

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  1. Hi Kristy,
    Stopping in to let you know I will be featuring your flowers tomorrow on Made in a Day! I love paper flowers and these are so striking! Thanks for pinning!

  2. These are beautiful! I want to try it! Pinning!

  3. These are beautiful! Thanks for linking up to the Do Tell Tuesday party. Hope to see you there again!


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