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Paper Roses Tutorial + Cutter File

Paper Roses Tutorial & Cutter file form
Paper Roses are one of the easiest flowers to make.

You can make them in any color and vary the sizes. It’s a great 3D element to any craft project.

All you’ll need is:

  • cardstock paper
  • something to cut the petals and leaves out with (I used a silhouette cutter, the cut files are included in this post)
  • hot glue
  • small hole punch (for stemmed flowers only)
  • Floral wire and floral tape for the stem (if putting the flowers on stems)
  • Pencil for curling
Paper Roses Cutter File

Paper Roses Cutter File

First cut out the petals. I use anywhere form 20-30 petals for a large flower.

Next you’ll want to prep all the petals. Fold them in half so you get a crease, then roll them around a pencil to make them round.

Then start with your center petal and roll it around itself and hot glue it together. Take your next petal and glue one bottom corner to the first rolled petal. wrap it around the bottom, pulling the top away from the first petal. Glue end in place. repeat for desired amount of petals. Fan the petals out as you are gluing them on to get a nice separation.

For roses with stems and leaves, follow the next steps.

Cut out the rose leaves. The small leaves attached to a circle are for the base of the flower. Use your small hole punch to punch a hole in the center. Then cut 3 slits in the circle (about 1/2 way). These slits enable the green circle to fold up and cover the base of the flower.

Wrap your floral wire and bend the end so it does not slip through the hole in the green when you glue it to the base of your flower. Glue your base on to attach the stem to the flower bending the circle up to cover the base. Next use the pencil to curl the leaves down.

To add leaves to the stem, hot glue leaves on and then wrap with floral tape to cover.

Paper Roses by 3Peppers
I did a variation on these roses when I made my husband’s boutonniere for our wedding. He is a pianist and music is a huge part of our lives. I printed sheet music onto cardstock paper and made roses from the sheet music. The result was beautiful, and so many people couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and how well it held up and looked like a real flower from a distance.

Sheet Music paper rose for Wedding by #wedding #paperflowerI’d love to see what you come up with with these paper roses!


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  1. Beautiful paper flowers. Thanks for posting this! :) Have a fabulous day. :)

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