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St. Patrick’s Day Pop Up Card Tutorial and pattern

St. Patrick's Day Pop Up Card TutorialKiss Me! I’m Irish…

Actually, I really am Irish and St. Patrick’s Day has ALWAYS been one of my favorite holidays. From step dancing to green beer, St. Patrick’s Day can be one rowdy occasion! This year I want to send some St. Patrick’s day cheer to some of the less “rowdy” Irish in my life, so I cam up with this CUTE, St. Patrick’s Day Pop Up Card.

For this tutorial I have also created a .pdf template to print. This will give you the cutting lines and shapes.

Click here to download the Kiss Me I’m Irish Pop Up Card Template.
  • What you need:
  • Printer (and template)
  • Green construction paper
  • 5.5×4 folded plain stock cards
  • Exacto knife
  • Straight edge or ruler
  • Rubber cement (or other glue)
  • Glitter

Step 1. Cut the piece of green construction paper down to printable size (8.5×11) Most construction paper comes in 9×12 sheets.

Step 2. Print the Kiss Me I’m Irish Pop Up Card template on the 8.5×11 green construction paper. When printing make sure that you print at actual size. DO NOT SCALE / DO NOT FIT TO PAGE

Step 3. Cut out the pieces from the green construction paper with your exacto knife. For the interior of the card, cut on the solid lines but do not cut on the dotted line, That will be your back fold. (I was going to put other dotted lines on the .pdf to show when the other folds on the letters were, but they were way to obvious in the design after completed.

Step 4. After everything is cut out, you are going to want to score where the folds are. (that means make an indention line, but not cut through the paper. This is to make it a ton easier to fold) They make a tool made out of bone for this, and that works great on heavy paper. For this project I just used the end of a mechanical pencil with no lead sticking out. It creates enough of an indention on the construction paper to make it fold very easily.

scoring-lines The Red lines to the right are where you should score the interior of the card.

Step 5. Fold the interior of the card so it will fit inside of the stock card

Step 6. Glitter how ever many of the cut-out shamrock that you want. I like glittering one of the shamrocks that will fit in the larger one attached to the “me” in “kiss me”

Step 7. If you are using the ribbon, tie it around the card, and try and keep the ribbon flat and pretty tight around the card.

Step 8. Assemble the card once the glitter shamrocks are dry. On the cover I place the “Me” and another shamrock over the ribbon to hold it in place.

Hope your cards turn out great and you have a wonderful (and possibly rowdy) St. Patrick’s Day!

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