Beaded Tube Ribbon Bracelet Tutorial

This beading technique for the beaded tube ribbon bracelet tutorial is a weaving technique I’ve been playing with for years. It’s really simple, but it looks really advanced once it’s done. You can use any size seed bead that you would like, and the more beads around the initial circle, the larger the tube will […]

Garden Entrance Art and Distressed Frame Tutorial

Here’s A distressed frame tutorial, creating a distressed look with a pop of color underneath. The Flea Market is such a great place. I picked up 8 great little frames for 5 dollars! So, of course a fun project is in order!  I used4 of the frames and mixed them together with a wooden, painted […]

Old T Shirt Rosebud Bracelet

Here’s a tutorial for a sweet little old t shirt rosebud bracelet that reminds me of a handmade corsage. I LOVE to work with old t shirt material (if you’ve been following along my blog, I’m sure you know that by now ) So when I found this old yellow t shirt in the garage, […]

Old T Shirt Flowers

Old T Shirt Flowers are a cute and easy way to use the extra bits fabric, when re-purposing old t shirts. I adore old t shirt material. It’s just so soft and comfortable. It’s also really fun to work with (and always easy to find) To make these flowers you only need a few things: […]

No Sew Easter Garland

Easter is REALLY early this year! It almost blew by completely without even a post (or a thought). We are going to celebrate Easter at the Nursing Home this year with my Grandparents, so I’ll get to bake! But decorating and planning anything more is kinda out of the picture. I did, however, have a […]

St. Patrick’s Day Pop Up Card Tutorial and pattern

Kiss Me! I’m Irish… Actually, I really am Irish and St. Patrick’s Day has ALWAYS been one of my favorite holidays. From step dancing to green beer, St. Patrick’s Day can be one rowdy occasion! This year I want to send some St. Patrick’s day cheer to some of the less “rowdy” Irish in my […]

How To Make T Shirt Yarn

Make T Shirt Yarn, it’s a sturdy and forgiving yarn for knitting, crocheting and weaving projects. T shirt yarn is one of my favorite things to work with. It not only feels great to the touch, it feels great to reuse I’m currently on a mission to rid all the men in my life of […]

Printable “Vintage Dorian” Scrapbooking Background Patterns

FREE download – Printable “Vintage Dorian” Scrapbooking Background Patterns   This was a pattern I created using Adobe Illustrator. The inspiration for this pattern was the inside cover patterns of classic books. This beautiful, classic pattern is available in 6 pastel colors, currently. This is for personal use only, please do not resell my giveaways. […]

Old T Shirt Throw Pillows – No Sew

There’s is nothing more comfortable then an Old T Shirt. So when you no longer wear them, why not turn them into comfy throw pillows! Dave and I are avid concert goers, so with concerts comes concert t shirts. Some are great and we wear them all the time, but some just don’t fit right, […]

DIY Ombre Tissue Paper Flowers

This originally appeared on (this makes 3 ~7 in flowers you can purchase everything your need for this project by clicking on the supplies hyperlinks) 4 Sheets Colored Tissue Paper of a similar shade Floral Wire (Wire 22 Gauge 110 Feet-Green) Floral wrapping tape (Floral Tape) Scissors I bought a multi-pack of colors (Tissue […]