Energy Bites

I love snacking. All day, everyday. I have a hard time making snacks though because I like sweets. Eventually with sweets you eat too much though and you feel sick. Baking is also a pain sometimes, so there is a very fine line. These energy bites are very simple and very good. Actually…I ate most […]

Quinoa Egg Bake

  Breakfast isn’t my favorite meal of the day.   Mainly because I have too many ideas of what I want for the rest of my meals, and I feel like breakfast is a little more limited. Lately I’ve been trying to make things that are a little different in order to spruce up my […]

Turkey Egg Cups

This was a pretty easy and healthy brunch alternative. I made this recipe just for myself and 2 muffin tins was a good amount. It would be an easy breakfast or brunch to make for more people as well, by filling the whole muffin tin. The main spice in this dish is Hot and Spicy […]