WordPress Coaching for Bloggers

Wordpress Coaching by Kristy-O.comWant to learn more about WordPress? Have questions on how to use it more efficiently for your blog? I’m here to help!

You can create amazing content, write brilliant posts, share through extensive networks, but when it comes to the code, it’s not really your bag. Actually, it can be REALLY intimidating! Not all bloggers are techies, actually… most bloggers aren’t techies or code writers or developers, and can use a little help.

From the basics of installing WordPress and a choosing theme, to customizing your layout with new html and css, let me help you navigate your way through the blog design process. We can work on your SEO skills and talk out some code.

My Background: I am a professional Graphic and Web Designer Located in NE Florida. You can check out my work at: Kristy-O.com LLC.

If you’re in need of some WordPress guidance, contact me on the form below. We can set up a consultation, a brief Q&A sessions, or a planned tutorial.